Friday, 19 April 2019

English Tense-English Grammar


Tense show the action time, when action/task happen.

There are main three Tenses.

  1. Past: which action happen in the past/previous
  2. Present: Which Action happen in the current/present
  3. Future: which action will be happened in the future


She played very well yesterday.
He sings a songs
He will go duty at 9 o clock.

Each tense has 4 sub-classification, likewise it becomes 12 tense as total.

  1. Past Indefinite
  2. Past Continues
  3. Past Perfect
  4. Past Perfect continues
  5. Present indefinite
  6. Present continues
  7. Present Perfect
  8. Present Perfect continues
  9. Future Indefinite
  10. Future continues
  11. Future Perfect
  12. Future Perfect continues

Past indefinite:

Time which has passed away and turned out to be past. An activity which has occurred in past identifies with Past Tense. 
It is utilized to express an activity that is simply finished or simply occurred, typically a brief span before talking. Time of activity isn't indicated yet it bodes well that activity is simply finished like 
He saw her face. 
It implies that subject has seen her face a brief time frame prior.
Basic Rule:

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