Tuesday, 23 April 2019

How to Write a formal e-mail


Email is the latest way to communicate to another person/individuals and business.
This way is easy, convenient and quick way to send the message your concerned person or businesses. Traditional way mail now replaced e-mail. This approach is very best way to convey your message to your most valuable clients.

It has the following steps:

1.   To 

In this section you write the concerned person E-mail Address.

i.e abc123@example.com

2. Subjects: 

Your subject must should be Eye-catchy, precise and to the point

CV for  "Accounting job"

3. Salute:

i.e Dear/sir/Madam/Name to the sender.

4.  Body

E-mail body must be precise and relevant. Not too much elaborate in the body of email.
Your language must be formal and to the point.

5. Closure

You's sincerely
Attach your CV/Formal Documents

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