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MA English: The Canterbury Tales Lines 56-68


He had also been at the siege of Granda city, capital of Granda Province in Southern Spain. He had also been found at the siege of Algezir. He had Ridden his horse very far in the kingdom of Belymarye, North  Africa. He was seen at both the cities of Lyeys and Satalye when they were won. He was also seen taking part in the naval battles fought in Grete see (Mediterranean sea). He had been a regular soldier in many a noble army of Christian crusaders fighting against the Muslim Saracens. He had participated in not less than fifteen fatal battles. For the noble cause of the Christian faith, he fought in the three battles that took place at Tramyssene, North Africa, where he used to slay (kill) Three of his foes (Enemies) at one and the same time in his had to had fight. This very worthy knight had also been found sometime fighting with the lord of Palatye, turkey, again another heathen (non Christian). He had always won a sovereign medal (and thus earned highest reputation for his knightly chivalry). Although he was very worthy (competent) in military matters, he was similarly wise (sagacious) in civilian affairs).

Word Explanation:

1.) Gernade: Granada, a capital of Granada province , southern Spain. The most impressive vestige of Granada’s splendid Moorish ( An admixture of Arab ancestry comprising Arabs and Berbers inhabiting northern Africa) civilization is the remaining section of Alhambra, the fortress-Palace of the Moorish rulers.

2.) Algezir: Algeciras, a city in Morocco famous for the Act Algeciras (1906) which guaranteed equality of Economic right  for France and Spain, the two imperialist then dominating Morocco. The Christians captured Algeciras from the Moors ( North African Arab Muslims) in 1344.
3.) Belmarye: Ben-Marin. Morocco, then north  African moorish (Muslim) kingdom, invaded by christian perhaps in 1365 as suggested by Manly, a chaucerian critic.

4.) Lyes: Ayas, near antioch, conquered temporarily from the Muslims by the  Christian king of cyprus in 1361.

5.) Grete See: Mediterranean Sea

6.) Tramyssene: Now Tlemcen, Algeria

7.) Lystes: List of soldiers enrolled for active military service.

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