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MA English Past Paper-2017- The Classical Poetry

In this tutorial, i have described about The Classical Poetry past paper 2017.
This paper is according to the syllabus of Punjab university.

Some passing tips also declared in this video.  I believe it is very beneficial for you. what type of  paper pattern and how many questions have been inquired.

MA Part-1 (Punjab University)

Year 2017
Time: 3 (Hours)
Paper-1 Classical Poetry
Attempt any four questions. All questions carry equal numbers. (25 Marks each Question)
Note: Question # 1 is compulsory.

Q.1) I from the influence of thy looks receive
Access in very Virtue, in the sight
More wise, more watchful, stronger, if need were
Of outward strength: while shame, thou looking on.

Answer: This Stanza has been taken from the “The Paradise Lost Book-IX” By John Milton

2.) Thrice he assayed, and thrice, in spite of scorn,
Tears, such as Angels weep burst forth; At last
Word interwoven with sights found out there way:

Answer: This Stanza has been taken from the “The Paradise Lost Book-IX” By John Milton

 3. Some secrets truths, from learned pride concealed
To maids alone and children are revealed
What though no credit doubling wits may give!
The fair and innocent shall still believe

Ans: “The Rape OF the Lock” by Alexander Pope

4. Then by her shadow, what she wears
O perverse sex, where none is true but shee
Who’s therefore true, because her truth kills mee.

Ans: “The Love and Divine Poems” By John Donne

5. Stand who so list upon the slippers top
Of courts estate, and let me hear rejoice
And use me quiet withouten let or stop,

By Thomas Wyatt.

Q.2. with the Summoner and the pardoner Chaucer seems to lose patience with evil. Discuss.

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Q.3 Write a note on the use of metaphysical conceits and imagery in Donne

Love and Divine Poem By John Donne

Q.4 what kind of a picture of the 18th century social life do we get in The Rape of the Lock?

The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope

Q.5 Discuss the rise and fall of Satan in Paradise Lost.

The Paradise Lost By John Milton

Q.6 Discuss in detail the distinguishing feature of Wyatt’s Sonnets.

Sir Thomas Wyatt

Q.7 Write Critical Appreciation of the Following Poems.

1. So Cruel Prison
2. Wyatt’s Resteth Here.
By Surrey
By Wyatt;s

M.A Part-1 Passing Tips:

IF Any Students pass in MA English Part-1 Paper Classical Poetry, He might Be prepare First Four Writers.

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